Monday, March 30, 2009

It's been a while....

Time has flown by so fast, and I'm just getting around to updating my blog now!!!

Lot's of things going in the world of the Diva..

She turned 3 months old!!! Everyone tells you have fast time flies, and I'd be like thinking yeah okay, but seriously.. it really does!!! 3 months feels like yesterday even though the first month of her life is a complete blur to me. I was literally a walking robot!!! She giggles all the time now!!! I have a video of it, but I have no idea how to post it on here!!! If I knew I would.

She's her mother's child because she loves to sleep!!! She started sleeping though the night at about 2 months old, and I even had a 10 hour stretch last week. I checked her a thousand times when I woke up because 10 hours is the longest she's ever gone so I worried that she was in a coma!!! She cat naps during the day and takes a longer nap in the late afternoon.

I went back to work 2 weeks ago! It was hard. The Sunday before I was definitely a disaster area!!! I was just so worried that she was going to cry the whole day because she didn't know where she was, and all I kept picturing was her crying like she just wanted her mom. But she did so good!!! It's nice to be back at work in a way. I like having a break, and talking to adults. Even if my break is being at work, it's nice to put on some real clothes and feel human again. Sitting home all day every day can take its toll even when caring for a baby. The second day was harder because I realized how much I didn't get to see her. Because she takes a long afternoon nap she's always sleeping when I get in from work. My mom picks her up from the sitters so she is already home and snoozing. It got easier to leave her as the days went on. She likes to watch the kids running around during the day and every morning I say to her "Are you going to go see your friends." These are kids she'll grow up with for the next couple of years and I'm excited that she'll have little friends.

Yesterday was Jennifer's bridal shower!!! It was Avery's first time attending one. I wish I had taken a picture of her outfit cause she looked super cute, so I'm hoping I get one e-mailed to me!!! The shower went great. I'm lucky enough to be her Maid of Honor, and I've labeled Avery her mini flower girl. Well she can't walk down the aisle or anything, but I am going to get her a cute frilly dress to wear so she can get a picture of her and Aunt Jen taken. I can't even believe that her wedding is just around the corner. I feel like we're both still 15, listening to no doubt with glitter eye shadow on!!! I'm so excited and so happy for her!!!! And now that I have a kid, I can't wait for her to have one too!!!! So get on that Jen!!!!

And a picture of her in her first day at the sitters outfit :o)


Soon to be Mrs. P said...

Aww that was sweet on so many levels.

I cant wait to se her dressed up for the wedding. She is too freakin cute, everything she wears is just adorable.

Now, now, lets not rush the baby making. Although i must admit that since you have one - i want one!

Anonymous said...

i think i may have a pic from the shower. i have to go through tmy pics. i'll send if i do!!! unknown bloggers out there...take my word for it, the diva looked adorable at the shower!!!!!!!

sidenote: ya know the random word you have to type in before you can comment, my word for this comment was 'divalishe.' how fitting, lol!